Ada Twist, Scientist - Plant Life Cycle STEM Box

Ada Twist, Scientist™ and her friends are experimenting with plants. While in the garden, they conduct a number of experiments with flower seeds and learn many lessons in plant biology.
As you watch the new hit series on Netflix, you can perform experiments alongside Ada Twist, Scientist™ to learn about plants. Experiment with water-absorbent soil pellets and set up a small garden using various methods Observe the effects of water, soil, sunlight, and temperature, on the plants. Experiment with how plants drink and see how a flower can absorb colors. 
Grow different types of flowers from seeds. Set up a plant stand for your potted flowers.

The kit includes:

-1x Ada Twist, Scientist™ Potted Flower Grow Kit

-2x Ada Twist, Scientist™ Seed Packets

-2x Planting Pots

-2x Soil Pellets

-3x Color Tablets

-1x Plastic Beaker

-1x Scientific Pipette

-4x Experiment Instruction Cards!

Ages: 4-8 yrs old